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Penny Perfect® Desking

Minimize errors and reduce customer wait time by desking deals in seconds

DealerScience minimizes errors and reduces customer wait time by desking deals in seconds, automatically pulling in up-to-date pricing, rebates, residuals, money factors, current incentives, and local tax. Sales staff have user-based permissions set by managers that allows them to calculate lease and finance deals instantly and error-free, driving down re-signs and bad lease write-offs. DealerScience Desking is compatible with desktop, tablet, mobile phone, or iPad on the showroom floor.

Take Out The Guesswork

Penny Perfect® Desking instantly finds the best terms for each vehicle in your inventory, eliminating the need to conduct multiple manual lease or finance calculations. DealerScience Desking also alerts users whether it’s advantageous to take the low APR or use the OEM rebate coupled with conventional financing.

Find Favorable Terms Per Lender

If you use multiple funding sources in addition to your OEM, Penny Perfect® Desking finds the lowest payment based on the dealer’s preferred lenders.

Maintain Control While Empowering Your Team

Permissions-based controls allow you to give your team the benefits of running payments quickly without worrying about errors or lost profits. Managers can use Digital T.O.™ (Takeover) to authorize changes where desired. This time-saving feature allows managers to review changes remotely while the salesperson stays with their customer.

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