Fast. Simple. Accurate.

DealerScience makes desking deals, creating website specials,
and responding to customer inquiries fast, easy, and accurate.

We built a new class of dealership solutions
to meet the needs in our own dealership.

And now you can have it too.


Website Plugins

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Desking Tools

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Automated Specials

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Dynamic Emails

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Seamlessly transition visitors from your website to your showroom with our desking engine.


Empower your sales force to quote payments confidently with permissions set by the dealership manager.


Build customer trust from the first interaction by offering real lease and finance payments instead of estimates.


Improve customer response times by skipping the lines at the sales desk and enabling your BDC to quote effectively.


Drive dealership leads with automatically updating website specials. Featuring lease, finance and buy.


Automate your current sales process with tools shaped and customized to fit your dealership.


Want to be more transparent but maintain control? Allow customers to adjust payments to fit their budget.


Full desking capabilities across multiple platforms. Desk a deal on your computer, tablet, or on your phone.

Built by a dealer for dealerships

When third generation Honda dealer and DealerScience founder Andrew Gordon joined his family's Boston-based dealership in 2009, he was shocked. So much of his day-to-day consisted of repetitive tasks that left him anxious about mistakes and wishing there was more time to do what actually needed to get done. Andrew automated high impact, high effort tasks and, in less than one year, his dealership saw double their sales without adding a single staff member to their sales force.

We pride ourselves in working with each dealership individually to customize our plug-ins to make your dealership's sales process more efficient. We're not here to tell you how to sell: we're here to take care of the busy work, clear the bottleneck, and give your managers, sales team, and BDC tools that enable your dealership to run as efficiently as possible. We built our process for working with dealers in the way that we appreciated being treated by vendors.

Lease & Finance Website Plugins

DealerScience makes it easy for customers to view accurate lease and finance payments online. Our calculators are directly linked to inventory and automatically include up-to-date incentives and rates.

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Desking Tools

DealerScience minimizes errors and reduces customer wait time by desking deals in seconds. DealerScience empowers your entire sales force -- not just managers -- to desk deals and quote payments. Use our desking solutions on a tablet, mobile phone, or iPad live with your customers. We've made it so you no longer have to be at your desk to... well... desk.

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Dynamically Generated Emails

Our email templates empower the BDC and anyone in your dealership to quickly respond to customers who have requested more information. Calculations and market specials are offered in a ready-to-send format, providing customers with personalized and accurate lease and finance information for cars on your lot.

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Automated Specials

DealerScience determines the best cars in your inventory automatically and then generates an advertisement using current lease and finance rates. Presenting only the best options for your monthly advertisements helps increase your dealership's conversion rate.

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Or Try our Lease Calculator Demo

  • "July was the best month we had this year, maybe ever, and it was directly from the lease specials from DealerScience. If you guys were here right now, I would hug you. Overall, I couldn't be happier. Thank you sincerely for the wonderful work you do for us."

    Darrin Roth
    e-Commerce Director - David Hobbs Honda

  • "Your tool showed an $88.00/month payment but my desk couldn't make it. Sure enough, DealerScience found a better way to run the same payment with same gross."

    Scott Karoub
    General Manager - Classic Honda

  • "I love DealerScience. Since we started using DealerScience, I had my best month in gross I think ever. If this program ever went away, it would be like the world was ending."

    Sales Manager
    Mercedes-Benz Dealer Group

  • "Why can't everything I do be this simple? This would've saved me so much time. I wish I knew about you sooner. "

    Zach Piper
    New Car Manager - Hendrick Chevrolet Cary

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