Buying My First Car

I was at that point in my life where I wanted to buy my first car. I had never been inside a car dealership before and I really had no idea what I was doing. When I finally got to the dealership, I stepped inside and it was just how I heard it would be. It was crowded, there were salesmen running all over the place, I was completely overwhelmed and frankly, I was a little nervous to be there. I definitely did not feel comfortable and I was worried that I was going to get cheated on how much I would pay for a car. Read More

The Angry Customer


If you have ever owned your own business, or even just had a job where you deal with a lot people, then you know that dealing with an annoying or angry customer is definitely not a good feeling. In fact, to me it’s one of the worst feelings ever. As you are talking to them trying to fix whatever is wrong, you’re thinking in the back of your head, “Ugh, now I’m gonna lose this sale.” However, it’s not that one sale you should be worrying about… it’s all the sales. We all know that there is no better way to build your brand than by word of mouth, however there is also no better way to destroy your brand than by… you guessed it… word of mouth! Read More

Being a Car Salesman is Very Difficult


The “car salesman” is normally portrayed as a cutthroat individual who will say anything necessary to sell cars. So not only do the salespeople have a negative connotation going against them, there is steep competition in what many consumers may see as a commodity industry. So what is a salesman to do in order to differentiate himself from the pack? Most of the time that means being aggressive and playing even further into the stereotype. Read More

Buying a Car is a Long Process, But It Shouldn’t Be


Even in the age of the iPhone, buying a car still takes forever. The process usually starts with the customer looking around online, figuring out what make they want, then what model they want and then figuring out what they can really afford. Because of the ease of access to information, the customer is usually pretty well informed for those first two steps. Because they can easily read about the features of different cars online, many people come into a dealership knowing what type of car they actually want.  Read More

Use the Power of DealerScience to Build Trust with Your Customers

Welcome to the Future

Everyone knows that technology is completely changing the way people conduct business. Think about it, the iPhone hasn’t even been out for 10 years and look how much it has changed our world. You never have to call for a taxi anymore, or watch the news to find out the weather or use a map. Digital technology has completely taken over our lives because it has made them easier, more efficient and more comfortable. Read More