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Automated Website Specials

Automatically generate specials for the best vehicles in inventory

On average, a dealership’s specials page is one of the most visited pages of the website for new car shoppers. Relying on manually generated specials is time consuming and error-prone and can often lead to a ‘Coming Soon’ message for days or weeks.

With Automated Website Specials, you’ll have up-to-date, relevant specials on your site quickly after monthly incentive announcements. DealerScience determines the best cars in your inventory and the best term for each type of car, presenting only the best options for your monthly advertisements using current rates. In addition, we steer customers towards specials on aging vehicles to keep your inventory fresh. When a car is sold or an incentive changes, the special is pulled down and a new one automatically replaces it.
Want to configure your specials to match manufacturer specials or the ads run in local papers or on TV? You can do that too.

  • Support for five different deal types: lease, finance, buy, sign and drive, and balloon
  • Responsive Specials tile design for your website so consumers can access them from any device
  • Configure display colors, default terms and mileages, header and button text, and more
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