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The DealerScience Story

Built by a dealer for dealerships

When third generation Honda dealer and DealerScience founder Andrew Gordon joined his family’s Boston-based dealership in 2009, he was shocked. So much of his day-to-day consisted of repetitive tasks that left him anxious about mistakes and wishing there was more time to do what actually needed to get done. Andrew automated high impact, high effort tasks and, in less than one year, his dealership saw double their sales without adding a single staff member to their sales force. Now we are offering this solution to car dealerships across the US.

The Industry Today

Sales Managers are the only people in a dealership who can calculate accurate car payments, which creates a bottleneck and reliance on an expensive resource. The process is slow, error-prone, and hard to optimize deal structures. In addition, modern-day dealership customers are web-savvy and looking to personalize their dealership experience with Penny Perfect® payments seamlessly transitioned online from home to a BDC Agent to inside your showroom.

How We Work

We pride ourselves in working with each dealership to customize our tools based on how each individual dealer wants to present and structure their payments. We’re not here to tell you how to sell: we’re here to take care of the busy work, clear the bottleneck, and give managers, sales teams, and BDCs tools that enable your dealership to run as efficiently as possible. We built our process for working with dealers in the way that we appreciated being treated by vendors.

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