About Us

DealerScience provides a suite of innovative solutions that take care of the busy work. Designed to be simple, speedy, and efficient, DealerScience software automates the processes that slow dealerships down so your store is running as efficiently as possible. Our tools allow your team to do what they do best: sell.


DealerScience was created by founder Andrew Gordon, a third generation Honda dealer who was frustrated working as a sales manager at his family's Honda dealership. Always anxious about mistakes, frustrated that he was doing the same tasks over and over again, and wishing there was more time in the day to do what actually needed to get done, Andrew created the first version of what is now DealerScience. Working to automate high impact, high effort tasks like generating website specials and personally responding to customer emails, DealerScience solutions helped Weymouth Honda double their sales in less than a year without adding a single staff member to their sales force.

With such clear success in a single dealership, DealerScience is now offering these customizable software solutions to help dealerships all over the US experience the same growth Andrew's family's dealership did.