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DealerScience makes desking deals, creating website specials,
and responding to customer inquiries fast, easy, and accurate.



DealerScience makes it easy for customers to view accurate lease and finance payments online. Our calculators are directly linked to inventory and automatically include up-to-date incentives and rates, running every possible payment option. Designed to drive engagement, customers can work their own payments on your website with their budget in mind.

Online Lease and Finance Plugins

Build customer trust and engagement with vin-specific payments.

Vehicle Specific Payments and Rates

Highlight VIN-specific lease payments and available interest rates on your website's new car inventory page. Watch your lease penetration soar!

Online Lease and Finance Calculators

Create a memorable and engaging website experience with out customer-facing lease and finance calculators. Simple and easy to use, these include lead-generating calls to action, differentiating your store from the competition.

Automated Lease and Finance Plugins

DealerScience makes it easy for customers to view accurate lease and finance payments online and drives engagement by allowing them to desk their own deals, uncovering the payments they can afford.


DealerScience minimizes errors and reduces customer wait time by desking deals in seconds. Empower your entire sales force -- not just managers -- to desk deals and quote payments with permissions set by the dealership manager. Use our desking solutions on a tablet, mobile phone, or iPad live with your customers. We've made it so you no longer have to be at your desk to... well... desk.

Powerful, Precise Payments

Empower your entire sales team to quickly and accurately desk deals. Sales managers can feel confident their team is desking the way they want with customized desking permissions.

Simplified Lease Building For You and Your Customer

With DealerScience desking tools, you are now able to calculate lease payments quickly, easily, and without error. Compute and compare leases on any of your available vehicles.

Streamlining Finance Deals

See how easy we made calculating leases? We did that for financing a car too. Our calculator will even check whether the payment is lower using a low APR program or Dealer Cash and indicate the lower of the two payments.

Mobile? Yeah, We've Got That

You no longer have to be at your desk to... well... desk. Use our software on a tablet, mobile phone, or your computer to desk payments with your customers throughout your dealership.


Presenting only the best options for your monthly advertisements helps increase your dealership's conversion rate. DealerScience automatically determines the best cars in your inventory and generates an advertisement using current lease and finance rates. When a car is sold or incentive changes, the special will come down and a new one will automatically replace it.

Drive Lease Penetration

Increase conversion and drive lease penetration, automatically. Set the backend parameters and let our program work for you. Want to create a custom special? You can do that too, with the click of a button.

Offer the Best Cars in Inventory

DealerScience reviews the available cars in your inventory and determines which cars should be advertised on your website automatically and then generates an advertisement using current lease and finance rates.

Keep Your Inventory Fresh

Our tools steer customers towards specials on aging inventory to help you keep your inventory fresh. DealerScience displays the best term for each type of car, presenting only the best options for your monthly advertisements.

Generate Ads Automatically

Forget about your monthly frustration calculating specials to advertise each month and relax knowing you'll no longer have out of date information on your website.


Our email templates empower the BDC and anyone in your dealership to quickly respond to customers who have requested more information online. We allow users to generate vehicle specific quotes without having to interact with a sales manager to desk a deal. Calculations and market specials are offered in a ready-to-send format, providing customers with personalized and accurate lease and finance information for cars on your lot.

Dynamic Templates

Send out-the-door price quotes with lease and finance options in seconds.

Fully Customizable

Email templates are fully customizable to display everything from driving directions to comparisons between lease and finance quotes for multiple vehicles.

All the Fine Print

Templates include a map from the customer's hometown to your dealership, disclaimers on cars with loyalty/conquest cash, dealership contact information, and more.



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