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Seamless Retail

with Intelligent Transition

Seamless Retail with Intelligent Transition bridges the gap between your website and showroom. This allows consumers shopping a dealer’s digital showroom to personalize their vin-specific Penny  Perfect® payments and reserve the deal online. Their personalized deal is sent directly to the sales team to finalize the deal.

Nothing hurts credibility more than estimates or incorrect payments. That’s why we built our online integrations off of our Penny Perfect® desking engine.

Meet Consumers Where They Are

While the showroom experience is a fundamental aspect of the car buying process, the Seamless Retail™ Solution helps meet consumers where they are, allowing them to personalize their deal entirely online.

Build Customer Trust

Configuring the deal online creates realistic expectations since customers know exactly what payments are required for each car on your lot. You can avoid test driving a car outside of budget, which only leads to negotiation, bad feelings, and disappointment.

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