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Experience the Seamless Retail™ Solution

Experience the Seamless Retail™ Solution

Consumers are more willing than ever before to buy a car online and dealers are talking about it. Customers also want to complete some the transaction before coming to a dealership showroom. What does this mean? We’re seeing dealers adapt to keep up in a changing marketplace by using digital retailing tools like credit applications, trade tools, and accurate payment calculators.

We love this kind of forward thinking. We see digital retailing as one piece of the puzzle and we think the showroom experience with consumers coming to the dealership is still a vital aspect of how dealerships run today. And we’re keeping the transition from online experience to showroom experience at the forefront of our mind as we begin to update our tools for you.

Introducing the Seamless Retail™ Solution with Intelligent Transition™

We offer a suite of customer-facing and backend solutions that includes an Intelligent Transition™ from your website to your showroom.

1. Customers start the buying process on your website from anywhere. Our customer-facing calculator allows consumers to personalize penny-perfect lease and finance deals directly from your inventory, including incentives, rebates, taxes, and more.

2. After customizing their deal, customers can use Intelligent Transition™ to schedule a test drive, reserve their deal, or submit the details for more information.

3. When the consumer comes into the dealership, your team simply pulls up the customer’s fully-personalized deal to continue the process, working with them in real-time to pencil their penny-perfect deal.



Why does it work?

Nothing hurts credibility more than estimates that are wrong. That’s why we built our online integrations off of our penny-perfect desking engine. Desk deals with your customer in a single interaction, starting from a personalization they recognize.

Meet Consumers Where They Are
While the showroom experience is a fundamental aspect of the car buying process, the Seamless Retail™ Solution helps meet consumers where they are, allowing them to complete more of the transaction before arriving at your dealership.

Build Customer Trust
Penciling the deal together creates realistic expectations since customers know exactly what payments are required for each car on your lot. You can avoid test driving a car outside of budget, which only leads to negotiation, bad feelings, and disappointment.

Ready to Learn More?

Interested in seeing what our tools can do now? Want to experience where we’re taking them in the future? Contact us today!

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