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DealerScience Improvements – February 2018

DealerScience Improvements – February 2018

We’ve been hard at work developing and adding to DealerScience. We’ve got two big improvements we are excited to share with you. This is just the start of more frequent improvements in 2018 and beyond, fueled directly from the feedback we hear from our dealers and from the emerging trends in our industry.

Payment Search is now faster than ever.

We have heard how much value Payment Search provides, both on a dealership’s website and on the showroom floor. Not only have we revamped the backend to have faster loading times, we’ve also improved the user experience.

Check out Tamaroff Honda’s Payment Search to see this tool live.

What can Payment Search do for my dealership?
Using DealerScience Payment Search, customers can find vehicles they can afford by listing those inside their budget. Use it with your customers in your showroom on an iPad or add it to your website to give customers a sense of control when it comes to selecting the cars that will work best for them. For supported brands, we can even incorporate used cars, certified leasing, and loaner cars.

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With Payment Search, you can transparently deepen your customer’s search by applying personalized filters, including lease or finance payments, year, model, and trim. Customers are at ease while test driving cars because they know they are able to afford it after seeing all available options within their budget. They’re also not left to wonder if they could have afforded something else.

Questions about Payment Search?
If you have any questions about this tool or how to start using it at your dealership, our team is always here to have that conversation. Get in touch!

Desking users can now customize APR

Dealers know how to sell cars and everyone’s process is just a little different. A handful of dealers asked us to use a specific APR while calculating finance payments instead of using the program rates from the manufacturer. We thought it was a great idea, so we built this feature into our tools. Keep the great ideas and suggestions coming!

What can customized APR do for my dealership?
We’re not here to tell you how to sell: you know your dealership best. But we are here to make sure our solutions make selling as easy and efficient as possible. If you desk finance deals using a specific APR, DealerScience can now do that for you dynamically.

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Our desking tools make calculating lease and finance payments quickly, easily, and without error. We automatically run every term scenario and highlight the terms with lowest payments, allowing you to easily compare leases on any of your available vehicles. Our calculator checks whether the payment is lower using a low APR program or a higher APR with more rebates or Dealer Cash and indicates the lower of the two payments. And now you can customize the APR that’s used on the first pencil.

Questions about Desking?
Interested in learning more about using Desking at your dealership or setting up customized APRs? Get in touch!

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